Mobile data: Tell the story of people’s lives.

Two billion people carry a smartphone. In every single smartphone, more than 20 sensors continuously track all kind of behavioral and environmental data, from geo-location to remote influences like magnetic field and local gravitation. Each device is able to collect millions of data points per day.

We can draw a colorful picture of people’s everyday lives from the data we collect via smartphones. To tell the data-story, we need to translate the raw data from the measurements into meaningful events, like “driving a car”, “strolling in a mall”, or even more intimate, like “being nervous”.

The data that we get from our mobile devices, is the most personal data about our lives ever. It is so rich, so much telling about us, that there is hardly a way to effectively anonymize it. We have to make people aware of the fact, that they are tracking themselves, and can be tracked by others, too. For this, we provide visualizations, to help people see the data that invisibly surrounds them all the time.