Strata+Hadoop World 2015, San Jose, Ca.:Smartphone Data: Tell the Story of People’s Lives

February 18th 2015

Two billion people carry a smartphone. In every single smartphone, more
than 20 sensors continuously track all kind of behavioral and
environmental data, from geo-location to remote influences like magnetic
field and local gravitation. Each device is able to collect millions of
data points per day.

We can draw a colorful picture of people’s everyday lives from the data
we collect via smartphones. To tell the data-story, we need to translate
the raw measurements into meaningful events, like “driving a car”,
“strolling in a mall”, or even more intimate, like “being nervous”.

We will show how to access the phone’s data, how to derive complex
events from the phone’s raw data, and how to bring it into a meaningful
story, and how to make it work for businesses. Cases we’ll show: an app
for the automotive industry to support ecological driving, learning
about preferences of Chinese passengers at an international airport, and
supporting people suffering from osteoporosis to stabelize their
condition and maintain mobility.

We will in particular tell, how we found a good way to deal with privacy
and informational self-determination, and how to give users a fair deal
and transparancy to the data, that we collect with their cooperation in
our projects.